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Partnership and Involvement

Ways You Can Participate

We invite engineers and teachers with experience or interest in whole-system design to join the 10xE initiative. To ensure that these tools are effective and durable, we need a strong network of first-rate practitioners and teachers who learn with us, pass the message to others, expertly apply integrative design in their work, and generally act as agents of change.

Submit Case Examples

In addition to building our network of people (already several hundred worldwide), we are also assembling a portfolio of “high-brain-Velcro” cases. Toward that end, we are seeking examples and ideas from the worldwide engineering community.

Cases should represent clear, elegant, whole-system, and repeatable solutions that show a significant increase in resource productivity. Please contact us for our case criteria if you are aware of examples of integrative design that achieved radical resource savings at comparable or lower capital cost.

The best cases will be developed into detailed, clearly written products, with the aim of becoming part of our set of “teaching quality” examples.

Start a Pilot Group

If your college, university, company or organization would like to be considered as a 10xE pilot program in either the development or testing phase, please contact us. In the short term, we’re particularly interested in engineering teachers who would like to experiment using 10xE cased studies and principles in their classrooms.

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