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A Day in the Life of RMI

Reinventing Fire Book CoverWhat would it be like to be an insider with RMI staff for a day?

Some guests of RMI recently had the chance to answer that question. In mid-July RMI hosted a small group of donors and members of RMI’s National Solutions Council (NSC) for a “Day in the Life of RMI” at the Institute’s Snowmass offices.  Participants enjoyed a variety of activities from meeting with staff to learn about RMI’s initiatives, a private dinner at the home of one of RMI’s trustees, a discussion about the latest thinking on nuclear energy, and a visit to RMI’s spinoff, Fiberforge. Donors also toured the Lovins GreenHome and took a nature walk with Amory Lovins on the 957-acre Windstar Land Conservancy, the location of RMI’s offices.

“It was a privilege to have such an intimate experience with the people and ideas that constitute RMI these days, especially with regard to Reinventing Fire,” commented Tim Roorda, an RMI donor and NSC member.
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