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BigBelly Solar

Jim Poss knew his solar-powered trash compactor would save labor, fuel, and transport costs, but “…the day I saw the numbers, I knew my little device could change an industry.”

What numbers? He’d discovered that U.S. garbage trucks consume over one billion gallons of diesel each year and each gets about 2.8 miles per gallon. Poss knew that anything that significantly reduced those costs would be extraordinarily valuable to U.S. trash haulers, whose gross annual revenues top $50 billion.

He wanted a hit business, sure. But also, he was motivated by a concern for the environment. He knew that his device would cut fossil-fuel emissions and offer another solution to the climate crisis.

Now a successful entrepreneur, Jim Poss, and his growing team of BigBelly Solar employees have sold compactors in 46 states and 25 countries, roughly doubling revenues each of the past several years. And their business is “countercyclical,” that is, during a down economy, cities look to BigBelly to reduce costs. Poss says clients are motivated by both high trash costs and the climate crisis. The good news is that his gadget is part of the solution to both. (bigbellysolar.com)

A case study describing Poss‘s BigBelly Solar success, which offers several examples of 10xE principles, will be added soon.


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