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Rocky Mountain Institute is a 501(c)(3)/509(a)(1) public charity with thousands of loyal supporters. Our financial staff manages an annual budget that has steadily grown to more than $13 million, supporting approximately 80 employees (including interns and fellows). 

2011-2012 Financials

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Fiscal year 2012 was a financially challenging year for Rocky Mountain Institute.  After successive years of sustained total revenue growth, this year marked a drop in philanthropic support.  As this shift became apparent to management, the budget was revised and spending disciplines were modified to minimize the impact of the shortfall.  RMI had built cash reserves in the previous few years, but ended this year with net assets of $7.56 million, $1.78 million less than the previous fiscal year’s end.

Fiscal year 2012 GAAP revenues of $10.2 million were down from a record $12.6 million in FY 2011.  A significant decline in individual and corporate support (-$3.94 million) produced the majority of the shortfall, partly offset by growth in foundation support ($781K).  Professional fee-for-service revenues increased $739K (37%) as we began to apply our Reinventing Fire findings in practical applications.  These efforts helped us to remain on track in building the capacity for our development, marketing and communication groups. Overall expenses increased slightly ($313K), or 2.8% over the FY 2011 totals.

Effective management and the ongoing stewardship of resources have resulted in a programmatic efficiency of 76%, reflecting an ongoing solid strategic focus and practical administration of expenses in the management and fundraising areas. As we continue to deepen our capabilities for engagement and influence, we emphasize practical and effective management of our resources.  The additional capacity of our development and communication groups will enable RMI to cultivate strong institutional connections and help to advance our influence in the marketplace among supporters, decision makers and key target audiences.

Ned Harvey, Chief Operating Officer
Ed McCullough, Director of Finance

Download the 2012-2013 Annual Report for complete details.

Download RMI's IRS Form 990's from the last 7 years.

2012 IRS Form 990 (Fiscal year 2013) (PDF-0.5MB)

2011 IRS Form 990
(Fiscal year 2012) (PDF-0.5MB)

2010 IRS Form 990
(Fiscal Year 2011) (PDF-3.4MB)

2009 IRS Form 990 (Fiscal Year 2010) (PDF-2.1MB)

2008 IRS Form 990 (Fiscal Year 2009) (PDF-4.5MB)

2007 IRS Form 990 (Fiscal Year 2008) (PDF-3.7MB)

2006 IRS Form 990 (Fiscal Year 2007) (PDF-4.7MB)

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