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Home Energy Briefs: #2 Lighting

AUTHOR: Goorskey, Sarah; Wang, Kitty; Smith, Andrew
DOCUMENT ID: 2004-14
YEAR: 2004
DOCUMENT TYPE: Report or White Paper

This Home Energy Brief gives an overview of steps to take in making your home lighting more energy efficient while maintaining and improving lighting quality. Improving the efficiency of your home lighting can not only reduce your electric bills, it can also improve the atmosphere, comfort, and safety of the room, as well as your ability to see. Recommended measures include replacing incandescent bulbs with more efficient CFLs, installing dedicated fixtures, using controls like dimmers and sensors, incorporating tasklighting and daylighting, and getting rid of dangerous halogen torchieres.

As of 2012, the Home Energy Briefs have been updated and adapted to Southern California Edison’s Online Home Energy Guide.

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