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How to Calculate and Present Deep RetroFit Value: A Guide for Owner-Occupants (Executive Summary)

AUTHOR: Bendewald, Michael; Hutchinson, Hutch; Muldavin, Scott; Torbert, Roy; Miller, Doug
DOCUMENT ID: 2014-12
YEAR: 2014
DOCUMENT TYPE: Fact-sheet or One-pager

This might come as a surprise to some, but energy efficiency is about more than energy, and deep energy retrofits, which achieve superior energy savings over conventional retrofits and can reduce a building’s energy consumption by 50 percent or more, offer bottom-line benefits for business beyond energy cost savings alone. They generate substantial additional value that is typically ignored: improved employee health, productivity, and satisfaction; bolstered leadership credentials and reputation; access to tax, finance, and entitlement subsidies; improved risk management; reductions in non-energy operating costs; and higher occupancies, tenant retention, rents, and sales prices.

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