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The Economics of Demand Flexibility: How "Flexiwatts" Create Quantifiable Value for Customers and the Grid

AUTHOR: Bronski, Peter; Dyson, Mark; Lehrman, Matt; Mandel, Jamie; Morris, Jesse; Palazzi, Titiaan; Ramirez, Samuel; Touati, Herve
DOCUMENT ID: 2015-16
YEAR: 2015
DOCUMENT TYPE: Report or White Paper
PUBLISHER: Rocky Mountain Institute

Here, we analyze demand flexibility’s economic opportunity. In the residential sector alone, widespread implementation of demand flexibility can save 10–15% of potential grid costs, and customers can cut their electric bills 10–40% with rates and technologies that exist today. Roughly 65 million customers already have potentially appropriate opt-in rates available, so the aggregate market is large and will only grow with further rollout of granular retail pricing.

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