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Letter from the CEO

By Michael Potts

RMI’s new strategic direction that we announced last fall, code-named Reinventing Fire™, is picking up speed. In each of the critical sectors we have identified—buildings, electricity generation, transportation and industrial processes—we have launched strategic initiatives designed to speed the shift from coal, oil and ultimately natural gas to efficiency and renewable energy sources.

This and future issues of the Solutions Journal will detail our work in these initiatives and work related to the initiatives. Our new focus has unleashed a torrent of positive energy within the Institute and also in our community of colleagues, partners and clients.

We hope that this online version of Solutions Journal will also motivate you to check out our new web presence. RMI.org has undergone an extensive face-lift, with the goal of making our work, and our extensive research and writings, much more accessible to the wider community that supports and collaborates with us.

Thanks for reading our Solutions Journal, and thanks for joining us in this extraordinary journey!

Michael Potts is the President and CEO of RMI

--Published February 2010

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