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Letter from the CEO

By Michael Potts

Catching the Waves

At RMI, we are seeing signs of real change toward a new energy economy.

The good news is that some long-wave trends that have forever been on our radar—building retrofits, wind energy, military transformation and micropower—are picking up speed, as detailed in this edition of RMI's Solutions Journal.

The other good news is that these useful innovations are running into many predictable barriers.

These aren't conceptual barriers or political barriers. They are the practical barriers that must be identified and tackled on the way to widespread adoption.

They are the best type of barriers—because they are the byproduct of real change. The fact that well-meaning practitioners and decision-makers are struggling with the challenges of designing effective retrofits or integrating significant amounts of wind energy demonstrates that we are asking the right questions in order to get the job done.

You'll notice that this edition contains a good amount of field-tested ingenuity. Each challenge and solution requires extensive teamwork and collaboration. In each case there are multiple stakeholders with different agendas that must all be brought into alignment to make real change happen.

In each case RMI is able to take a position and explore opportunities for improvement. And since RMI is a mission-oriented organization, due to your generous support, we are able to take a position geared entirely toward an inspiring vision for a smarter, cleaner, safer world.

Michael Potts is the president and CEO of RMI

--Published June 2010

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