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RMI was founded in Snowmass, Colorado in 1982. As a small research institute dedicated to rethinking the picture of U.S. energy use at the time, the Snowmass headquarters was both a reflective retreat and a connection to high-level resources in Aspen.

Initially housed in the private home of Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins, RMI eventually moved into office space at the Windstar Land Conservancy about one mile away. In 2004, RMI opened a Boulder office; today about 60 people work in the current Boulder office. In 2014, RMI opened New York and Washington, D.C. offices.

Snowmass Office

Rocky Mountain Institute
2317 Snowmass Creek Road
Snowmass, CO 81654-9118
P: (970) 927-3851
F: (970) 927-3420


Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center

The Innovation Center will be a beyond-state-of-the-art office and convening center of 15,610 square feet along the banks of the Roaring Fork River in Basalt, Colorado. In the construction phase now, it will demonstrate to the world how deep green buildings are designed, contracted, constructed, and occupied.


Boulder Office

Rocky Mountain Institute
1820 Folsom Street
Boulder, CO 80302-5703
P: (303) 245-1003

New York Office

Rocky Mountain Institute
29 East 19th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
P: (315) 266-9600


Washington D.C. Office

1750 K Street NW
Suite 400
Washington DC  20006
P: (202) 717-8448

Amory's Private Residence

Completed in 1984 and upgraded continually since then, the facility remains a showcase of efficiency ideas.





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