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Mathias Bell

Former Manager (Electricity)


Mathias is a Former Manager with RMI's electricity practice. His focus is on the implementation of demand-side management resources, analyzing both regulation and policy frameworks and new business models for accelerating industry uptake. Mathias joined RMI in July 2008.

Select RMI Projects

  • Electric Utility Planning and Analysis—Mathias has contributed to RMI research and consulting projects analyzing low-carbon alternatives for the electric utility sector, and analyzed how utilities can meet future load growth through demand-side management programs.
  • Financing and Investment—Mathias has evaluated strategies for increasing the amount of investment in energy efficiency and renewables. This work has involved a broad array of topics from white tag certificates to PACE bonds.
  • Policy and Regulation—Mathias’s research explores regulatory and policy frameworks for incentivizing businesses to invest in energy efficiency and other less carbon-intensive resources.
  • Smart Grid Potential—As part of RMI’s Next Generation Utility initiative, Mathias is investigating the role the smart grid will play in increasing demand-side management capabilities and the integration of renewable energy.


Prior to joining RMI's Energy and Resources team, Mathias worked at the World Resources Institute for their Climate and Energy team. Mathias has also worked on integrating renewable energy and advancing resource efficiency for the Facilities Management Department at Carleton College. Mathias's research on the economics of energy has taken him to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Iceland.


Carleton College, B.A. in International Relations with a concentration in Environmental and Technological Studies.


  • “Turbocharging Energy Efficiency: Going for Broader and Deeper Savings,” November 2011, RMI.
  • “Going DEEPer: A new approach for encouraging retrofits,” September 2011, RMI & Johnson Controls Inc..
  • “Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era,” 2011 (co-author).
  • “Increasing Industrial Electric Productivity: Myths, Barriers, and Solutions,” July 2009, ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
  • “Assessing the Electric Productivity Gap and the U.S. Efficiency Opportunity,” February 2009, RMI.
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