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2013 NSC Project Ballot

Please vote below for an initiative for the NSC to sponsor for 2013.

Electricity Innovation Lab - e-Lab

e-Lab is a forum for collaborative innovation. By convening thought-leaders and decision-makers across the U.S. electricity sector, the group will identify key challenges the industry needs to overcome, develop innovative but practical solutions, and work to apply those solutions.


A multi-year program, e-Lab will regularly bring together key actors to identify, test, and spread practical innovations to critical institutional, regulatory, business, economic, and technical barriers slowing the transformation of the U.S. electricity system towards efficiency, renewables, and distributed resources.

Reinventing Fire: China 

The Reinventing Fire: China initiative aims to spotlight the economic, social, and environmental benefits of rapidly deploying renewables and energy efficiency technologies in China. To do so, it will focus on an economy-wide analysis of the four major energy-producing and-consuming sectors of the economy: buildings, industry, transportation, and electricity.

RMI’s goal is to assemble a consortium of the most knowledgeable global energy experts to create an analytically robust model that describes how China can economically meet its energy needs using the maximum feasible share of efficiency and renewables through 2050. RMI will promote dissemination of findings and engage government, industry, and other Chinese thought leaders to capitalize on all opportunities identified.

Autocomposites Project: Lighter, Stronger, Electrified Vehicles

RMI is committed to catalyzing a shift to ultralight, ultrastrong autobodies made of advanced materials, particularly carbon fiber composites. Light autobodies dramatically improve fuel efficiency and allow powertrains to be smaller, lighter, and more cost-effectively electrified. In November 2012 RMI launched an initiative to kickstart widespread carbon fiber adoption in the automotive industry. RMI is now teaming with its industry partners on two key programs for industry transformation. The first program will focus on spurring the adoption of a carbon fiber composite part for a mainstream production vehicle by 2018. Secondly, and in parallel, RMI will facilitate and co-develop a centralized, collaborative framework for strategic, targeted research and technology development aimed at enabling widespread adoption of automotive carbon fiber composites.

RetroFit Education & Training

RMI's RetroFit Education and Training project is filling an educational gap in the sustainable building industry by teaching building industry practitioners to design and execute deep energy retrofits. 

Through an offline and online training curriculum, the project will teach practitioners how to apply deep retrofit concepts through core modules, examples, case studies, and exercises. The team will also work with industry partners to get training materials out to a wide population and will empower approved "RMI Ambassadors" to drive awareness and interest in the project with a goal to create a community of energy-efficiency experts.


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