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Built Environment: Our Services

RMI provides a variety of services related to energy efficient design and analysis for new or existing buildings, ranging from predicted building energy performance (modeling) and specific design recommendations, to life-cycle cost analyses and performance verification.

To optimize building performance, RMI pursue the “right steps in the right order.” This approach allows for the maximum cost-effective energy reduction:

  • Define Needs: Define the need/service required first, not the equipment or capacity needed to provide it;
  • Reduce Loads: Reduce loads on mechanical systems through passive design measures;
  • Appropriate Technology: Select the most appropriate system type/s and design for efficiency;
  • Efficient Technology: Use the most efficient equipment available (most people start here!);
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis: Incorporate life cycle analysis to inform decision-making process
  • Optimize Operation: Incorporate controls and demand response measures;
  • Seek Synergies: Assess waste streams and other resource areas (i.e. water) for possible use/reuse; and then
  • Green Power: Incorporate renewable energy technologies.

Speaking Engagements

RMI's built environment experts frequently speak at conferences, corporate events, and industry meetings on a range of topics including sustainable design, green building rating systems, corporate sustainability, the business case for green building, and technical analysis tools. Request a Speaker for your event.

Contact us to inquire about using RMI’s built environment services for your next project or to speak to an expert about our work.

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