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Emerging energy efficient technologies in industry


Based on Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) technology reports, a number of measures were considered for adoption. This table features a sampling of these measures, with information on each measure’s technical potential, associated energy savings, and cost of saved energy.

The technologies were screened with a 12%/y real discount rate; non-cost-effective measures were not adopted. Cost-effective measures were adopted as existing equipment retired (with an assumption that 85% of new equipment would be replaced with the most efficient measures after a linear 2011–2030 ramp-up period from an initial 0%).

In addition, the model assumes that the total technical potential of these measures grows over time, as technology continually improves, to offset adoption, so the percentage savings potential stays constant. See the link

B. Martin, N., E. Worrell, M. Ruth, L. Price, R. Elliott, and A. Shipley. 2000. Emerging Energy-Efficient Industrial Technologies. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. link

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