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Total wind integration costs for different capacity penetrations


The dynamic nature of wind generation presents challenges to conventional electricity system operations. Sudden dips or spikes in power output can affect voltage regulation, while longer term fluctuations can make load-following difficult and require the use of additional reserve capacity.

These different studies show the range of additional incurred operating costs to integrate wind at various levels of capacity penetration in six different electricity markets. These costs are highly dependent on many factors besides just the penetration level, including the size of the balancing area, the reliance on wind forecasts, and the timeline for revising forecasts and/or revising unit-commitments. However, even with all of these differences, these studies show that integration costs are reasonably small—ranging from 0.1 to 1.0¢/kWh. That amount represents 1–14% of the total levelized busbar cost of wind electricity in 2010.


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