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U.S. vehicle miles traveled


In the U.S., we currently drive about 9,000 miles a year per person. Extending EIA's forecast into 2050, this number reaches a staggering 17,000 miles per person per year. Per-capita VMT growth appears to have reversed in most industrialized countries 2–3 years before the global financial crisis in 2008. Other analyses find that U.S. VMT may finally have plateaued. Others find a shrinking number of new license registrations among teenagers, and fading enthusiasm for driving with the prevalence of $4–5/gallon gasoline.


Schipper, Lee. 2010. “Automobile Use, Fuel Economy, and CO2 Emissions in Industrialized Countries: Encouraging Trends Through 2008?” Transport Policy. Vol 18 no. 2: 358-372. link

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