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Traditional housing costs vs H+T index for Atlanta


The Center for Neighborhood Technology has developed an interactive online tool that illustrates what we pay to live far from work, play, or school. Typically, housing is considered affordable if it consumes no more than 30% of household income. By this metric, the greater Atlanta area (left graphic) offers a great deal of affordable housing as indicated by the yellow area. However, if transportation costs are included with housing costs (right graphic), the area of affordable housing shrinks dramatically. Designing cities, communities, and campuses for people, not cars, can reduce an area’s vehicle-miles traveled between 20–30%. "Smart Growth" and "Transit Oriented Development" strategies can also reduce the cost of living by co-locating work, home, recreational, and school buildings and, in some cases, eliminating the need to spend $8,000 a year on a 96%-idle auto.


For more information, visit http://htaindex.cnt.org/.

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