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RMI in the News

The energy haves and have-nots

High Country News, April 7, 2014
RMI’s Lena Hansen offers an innovative perspective on what a equitable, distributed energy future could look like.

A “Rosetta Stone” for Screening Solar Assets from truSolar

Greentech Media, April 7, 2014
RMI’s James Mandel weighs in on how to price risk and unlock financing.

Australian Network Operators Ready to Ditch Poles and Wires

Renew Economy, April 7, 2014
RMI’s Economics of Grid Defection report maps out a timeline to economic customer defection from the electric grid.

The Democratizing Promise of Energy Storage

Clean Technica, April 4, 2014
RMI’s report on grid defection is cited.

When will people unplug?

Climate Spectator, March 28, 2014
RMI’s report on grid defection provides insight into the possibilities and challenges of stand-alone energy supplies.

Big Green and Big Oil square off at GLOBE sustainability summit

Vancouver Observer, March 28, 2014
RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst affirms that the technology and know-how for a successful transition to renewables in already in place.

Could unrest in Venezuela lead to a greener Caribbean?

Christian Science Monitor, March 27, 2014
RMI’s Jon Creyts provides perspective on the value of renewables in the Caribbean region.

Fight over Rooftop Solar Forecasts a Bright Future for Cleaner Energy

Scientific American, March 25, 2014
The timeline for grid parity in certain U.S. regions is explained in RMI latest report.

Grid Parity: Why electric utilities should struggle to sleep at night

Washington Post, March 25, 2014
RMI’s Economics of Grid Defection report analyzes the economics of customers leaving the grid by 2030, and possibly 2020.

Former US energy secretary Chu: Utilities need to respond to ‘disruptive’ solar-plus-batteries

PV-Tech, March 25, 2014
RMI’s Economics of Grid Defection report offers the first detailed analysis of defection from grid networks.

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