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RMI in the News

PNC takes the value of deep retrofits all the way to the bank

GreenBiz, August 14, 2014
RMI’s deep retrofit value guide explains how energy-efficiency is good for the bottom line.

Flaw and Order: How Brookings Got Its Analysis of Wind and Solar Costs So Wrong

Greentech Media, August 8, 2014
Amory Lovins’ rebuttal of the Brookings Institute’s analysis of wind and solar costs is featured on Greentech Media.

We Don’t Need a Breakthrough to Make Renewable Energy Viable—It Already Is

Smithsonian.com, August 5, 2014
Amory Lovins TED Talk on the real costs of renewable energy highlights the opportunities of shifting away from fossil fuels.

Sowing Confusion About Renewable Energy

Forbes, August 5, 2014
Amory Lovins’ regular column in Forbes refutes the idea that renewables are the most expensive energy option.

Morgan Stanley: Fixed Charges on Solar May Cause ‘Tipping Point’ for Grid Defection

Greentech Media, August 4, 2014
RMI’s Economics of Grid Defection Analysis why mass defection from the grid is suboptimal.

Renewables have a spark, if investors stay interested

E&E News, July 29, 2014
RMI’s Roy Torbert comments on the potential of yield co’s for spurring investment in renewables

One big obstacle for driverless cars? People are still scared of them

VOX, July 31, 2014
RMI’s findings on the fuel savings of “platooning” in driverless vehicles is mentioned.

Elon Musk’s Tesla/Panasonic Deal Will Transform Solar Energy Too

TheStreet.com, July 31, 2014
RMI’s Leia Guccione comments on why Tesla’s battery innovations are garnering so much attention.

Solar industry provides far more jobs in Australia than coal

Renew Economy, July 29, 2014
RMI’s report on solar installation efficiency in Australia is cited.

Power to the Apes

Huffington Post, July 28, 2014
The Reinventing Fire analysis helps to explain the economic benefits of developing the renewable energy sector.

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