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RMI in the News

Can performance-based ratemaking save utilities?

Utility Dive, April 17, 2014
RMI’s Owen Smith discusses the opportunities of performance-based ratemaking.

“Green Building Premium” Is Often A Myth

Clean Technica, April 16, 2014
RMI’s work on the Empire State Building exemplifies why green building is good business.

Are we halfway to market dominance for solar?

Renew Economy, April 15, 2014
RMI’s report on grid defection illustrates how competitive solar plus storage combinations will soon be.

Solar Plus Storage: Could a “Utility in a Box” Cause Massive Grid Defection?

Greentech Media, April 11, 2014
RMI’s Jon Creyt’s joins the weekly Energy Gang Podcast to discuss the economics of grid defection.

The energy haves and have-nots

High Country News, April 7, 2014
RMI’s Lena Hansen offers an innovative perspective on what a equitable, distributed energy future could look like.

RMI’s Lovins Sees Ways to Produce Reliable Green Power

Bloomberg Radio, April 8, 2014
Amory Lovins discusses methods of providing a steady source of clean power.

A “Rosetta Stone” for Screening Solar Assets from truSolar

Greentech Media, April 7, 2014
RMI’s James Mandel weighs in on how to price risk and unlock financing.

Australian Network Operators Ready to Ditch Poles and Wires

Renew Economy, April 7, 2014
RMI’s Economics of Grid Defection report maps out a timeline to economic customer defection from the electric grid.

The Democratizing Promise of Energy Storage

Clean Technica, April 4, 2014
RMI’s report on grid defection is cited.

When will people unplug?

Climate Spectator, March 28, 2014
RMI’s report on grid defection provides insight into the possibilities and challenges of stand-alone energy supplies.

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