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RMI in the News

Reinventing Utilities: Now Minnesota is rethinking the utility business model

Smart Grid News, July 15, 2015
Working with RMI’s eLab Accelerator, Minnesota is working towards a reforming its energy policies.

Lafayette Clean Energy looks to get new question on city ballot

Boulder Daily Camera, July 14, 2014
Following the Lafayette Clean Energy group’s participation in RMI’s eLab Accelerator, they are now seeking to move forward ballot measures on clean energy.

Experts Say Solar Power Could Soon Pose Economic Threat to Electric Utilities

Voice of America News, July 7, 2014
RMI’s Jon Creyts comments of the economics of distributed solar generation in the U.S.

If You Had 5 Minutes To Talk Alone With Obama on Energy: Rocky Mountain Institute

Clean Techies, July 7, 2014
RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst discusses how the US can most effectively move forward on clean energy policy.

Research could lead to dramatic data farm energy savings

R&D Magazine, July 2, 2014
RMI’s research from Reinventing Fire around energy loss through transmission is cited.

Shaking Up the Franchise: Planning for a highly distributed grid

EnergyBiz, July 1, 2014
RMI Managing Director Jon Creyts discusses the democratization of energy choice.

Grid Edge Q&A: Solar, Batteries and ‘Consumers Doing What They Want’

Greentech Media, July 1, 2014
RMI’s James Mandel explains how grid parity could affect both consumers and utilities.

Tiny electric grids help states weather electric storms

Scientific American, June 27, 2014
RMI’s Leia Guccione speaks on the coming issues of grid defection facing traditional utility business models.

Interest growing in commercial community microgrids

POWER magazine, June 26, 2014
RMI’s Leia Guccione comments on the growing interest of communities in microgrid technology.

New financing vehicles to spur clean-energy investments

Christian Science Monitor Global Outlook, June 25, 2014
CEO Jules Kortenhorst discusses RMI’s plans to develop a resource center to help Fortune 500 companies reach their renewable energy goals.

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