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Recent Publications (Winter 2010)

WTOE Debuts in China

Tsinghua University Press published the simplified-characters Chinese edition of “Winning the Oil Endgame” in late 2009. The title roughly translates as: “Stuck in a bad position with oil? The way out!”

“This publication is a triumph for the immense labors of Dr. Darrin Magee and Aris Yi in ensuring the translation was correct and in coordinating all the long negotiations with the publisher,” said WTOE coauthor and RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins. “Congratulations to all for this lovely Christmas present to the world! Now on to Reinventing Fire™.”

The book is available for purchase through Amazon China.

White Papers, Articles and Other Publications

2009-18: “Industrial Electric Productivity: Myths, Barriers & Solutions”
There is an enormous gap in the electric productivity of the nation. Increasing industrial electric productivity is a significant near-term opportunity that can reduce electricity costs and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of output, and increase profits. RMI believes that increasing industrial electric productivity is an untapped source of value, and is important to the longevity of industry in the United States. RMI’s Stephen Doig, Mathias Bell and Natalie Mims explain why.

2009-17: "Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives: Breaking Through Barriers"
Michael Kinsley and Sally DeLeon’s new book describes a wide array of challenges and barriers to campus climate mitigation efforts. The book is based on two years of research RMI undertook to understand the challenges and the efforts of twelve U.S. campuses.

2009-16: “Lovins’ Response to ‘The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation'"
Chief Scientist Amory B. Lovins and Judy Lovins’ response to Jeffrey Ball’s article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation.”

2009-15: “Nuclear Power’s Competitive Landscape”
A presentation by Amory B. Lovins at RMI2009 on the present and future state of nuclear power and its competitors. Lovins argues that nuclear power is losing to micropower and renewable energy choices because they are cheaper, even with carbon pricing. This presentation was part of a plenary debate with Robert Rosner entitled “Nuclear: Fix or Folly?” Watch a video of their debate.

2009-14: “Smart Planes Save Oil”
RMI Analyst Bennett Cohen’s recent article, published in the Japanese magazine Nikkei Ecology, explains how next generation air traffic control technologies could save 10 percent to 12 percent of the oil consumed by air travel by 2030.

2009-13: “Industrial Ecology at Walmart”
RMI Analyst Bennett Cohen’s recent article, published in the Japanese magazine Nikkei Ecology, gives an overview of industrial ecology and explains how a groundbreaking program at Walmart will increase demand for industrial ecologists.

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