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PipesWhile RMI has received seed funding, we continue to seek support from a variety of sources—major firms that use or provide design services; philanthropists who support engineering innovation and educational reform at universities; and foundations and government grant programs.

The total cost of this three-year initiative is estimated at close to $3 million. The funding will be used for RMI research and product development, industry and academic convening, the creation of case materials (and potentially a short-course curriculum), and finally for marketing efforts to drive awareness of 10xE into industry and academia. Donate Now

Why Fund 10xE?

Accelerate Clean Energy and Climate Solutions: 10xE will help more engineers find better solutions more quickly.

Create Competitive Advantage by Upgrading Productivity: Adopting and mastering 10xE-based design will help companies save capital cost, lifecycle cost, emissions and compliance cost, complexity, downtime, and often construction time.

New Markets Through Innovation: 10xE will help create new markets for efficient design. Entire companies and academic programs approaches might even emerge around this new way of creating “abundance by design.”

Public Image: 10xE will confer reputational advantage to adopters through its positive impact on climate change and other environmental benefits. We plan to continue to actively support and drive the 10xE brand.”

Strengthened Employee Development: Internal 10xE training at sponsors’ firms will help develop talent and spur creativity. We also envision a “visiting industry fellow” program in which early-to-mid-career, high-potential engineers will be seconded to RMI for four-to-six months to work with us on highly integrative design projects. They will learn our approaches first hand, so that they can take them back home.

Revolutionary Education: 10xE aims to help creative engineers reshape their profession.

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