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Dallas Tuthill, M.D.--RMI Supporter

I support RMI (so far it from me has been relatively meager) because I do believe it is possible, in various ways, to save or to use other sources of energy -- other than "fossil fuels," that is. I do believe that our globe is warming right now, and that this can have various ripple effects with time. I am not sure how much our human endeavors contribute to this "warming," but we should not allow this to be a "political football"; we should rather study it and deal with it as best possible -- whatever the cause(s).
Hasten to say, however, that I am personally not "afraid" of fossil fuels, just believe that we can do 'better' with time. Meanwhile, I believe that we should continue to search for and carefully use fossil fuels for energy, as necessary.
I am one who does not think that "profit" (morally earned) is a dirty word. Furthermore, I believe that we need a "government justice system," since we humans are not -- probably never will be -- perfect.
Tangentially, I might say I believe that our federal (as well as others) government is much too large, takes on far too much responsibility that it just will not and cannot deliver. And, I for one do NOT see why it would not be advantageous to have a "debate" across this country about our Constitution. I, too, believe that this document is a wonderful one in many ways, but also believe that it can be improved well beyond certain "amendments" that we have voted in through the last couple of hundred years.
For one thing, I believe that the "nucleus" of our trouble (and politicians' excuse, as well!) is the responsibility that our Constitution lays on when it requires that the federal government look to the "General Welfare." This has caused unending political mischief in the past, and continues to do so.

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