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Business Renewables Center

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Renewable electricity from large-scale, off-site projects has become an attractive option for large companies. Leading corporations have taken advantage of this opportunity by signing deals, but to date, only about half a dozen companies have joined the “off-site renewables club.” If the number of companies signing off-site transactions accelerates rapidly, corporations have the potential to rapidly double the installed capacity of utility-scale wind and solar in the U.S.

Obstacles for Companies

There are two main reasons for the slower-than-expected pace of corporate adoption of off-site renewable energy:

  • Companies are not aware of the potential benefits.
  • Off-scale transactions are complex, causing most attempts to fail.

The Business Renewables Center: A Guiding Organization

The Business Renewables Center (BRC) will help overcome obstacles by acting as a guiding organization for companies. The BRC will offer members three types of services:


  • Guidance on strategy, contracts, and getting internal approval
  • Guidance on the decision to hire expert consultants

Connections and access to experts

  • Standardization
  • Define transactional standards to reduce cost, risk, complexity, and deal failure rates


  • Explore and crack open new market opportunities

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BRC Updates

September 30: EPA Green Power Partnership webinar “Streamlining Off-site Corporate Renewables Transactions” Download presentation

November 3: BRC Kickoff event in New York City (invitation only)

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