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Managing Director - Buildings Practice

Rocky Mountain Institute is seeking a talented and strategic Managing Director who can lead RMI into the future of sustainable real estate by developing and implementing short- and long-term strategic plans designed to scale our buildings practice through sound financial decision-making models and new energy-efficient designs and technologies.

This Managing Director will establish RMI as the thought leader and technical expert in deep retrofits, greenhouse gas reduction, and energy savings in large commercial real estate portfolios. This position reports to the CEO and collaborates closely with other Managing Directors in the Research and Collaboration (R&C) team to execute RMI’s overall programmatic strategies. This individual will also build and lead teams, and help create a high-performance working environment where staff can realize professional growth and success.

Specific Position Description - Buildings Practice

RMI has a well-established reputation and extensive capabilities in high-performance building design. The Institute’s current programmatic focus is on deep retrofits of commercial buildings, and strategies for driving dramatic energy savings, comfort and productivity gains, and greenhouse gas reductions in large portfolios of buildings. We are deeply immersed in the related areas of commercial real estate strategic and financial decision-making as drivers of deep retrofits and energy strategies. We are also testing new ideas in the buildings space through specific project activities, some of which involve us as the owner or tenant ourselves. Most notably, we have begun the process of designing and building a new superefficient office for our Snowmass-based team, in the nearby town of Basalt, Colorado, bringing highly integrative design and Integrated Project Delivery to the important small-new-office sector.

The Buildings Managing Director works with the RMI CEO and Development team to continually shape and fund our work on efficient buildings, ensuring it meets both longer-term objectives and strong annual progress commitments to donors and collaboration partners. At present, Buildings-related work’s budget is at least $4 million per year, funded through philanthropy, government research projects, and company-funded collaboration projects.

The Buildings Managing Director, both personally and as a senior member of RMI, helps shape and drive RMI's reputation through highly visible engagement of a wide range of trade and professional groups, ranging from ASHRAE to ULI to DOE and from National Labs to industry leaders like CBRE, Jones Lang Lasalle, and JCI.

Key Success Factors – Buildings MD

  • Promotes exponential growth of the buildings efficiency industry.
  • Catalyzes retrofit programs among portfolio owners including GSA, DoD and commercial owners in large cities.
  • Builds commitments among large real estate investors towards buildings retrofits.
  • Strengthens the trend towards deep retrofits as the mechanism to capture higher financial and efficiency returns.
  • Builds an industry wide understanding of value and risk considerations driving towards wide scale capital investment in deep retrofits.
  • Builds a world class RMI buildings team.
  • Grows the revenue stream for the buildings practice by a factor of 2-3 over five years.
  • Demonstrates organization wide leadership, helping set a culture of impact, accountability and entrepreneurship.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the senior team to set RMI program strategy Serve as a public face and thought leader of RMI, particularly on energy- efficient buildings
  • Work with the other Managing Directors to set the overall direction of the programmatic work and manage the entire R&C organization
  • Develop and scale the overall energy-efficient buildings program to ensure large-scale impact in the US and beyond
  • Identify and shape specific buildings program initiatives
  • Work closely with Principals to drive the implementation of all buildings initiatives by aggressively scaling up successful programmatic work
  • Determine specific staffing needs and hire R&C staff
  • Support and guide Principals in running performance management process and make the resulting promotion/career-change decisions
  • Mentor key individuals, especially at Manager level and above
  • Together with our chief scientist, Amory Lovins, identify and track a set of themes around which future RMI initiatives might be developed
  • Play a key role in fundraising for the buildings program, including developing and maintaining specific donor relationships Identify, shape, and contract DOE and other research projects, and collaborative efforts with companies and industry groups

General Qualifications: Real Estate and Built Environment

  • Deep understanding of how the US real estate industry is moving on sustainability and energy efficiency, particularly for commercial buildings
  • Well established national network with a particular emphasis on the ownership side of real estate
  • Established reputation in the sustainable real estate world in the US (international experience is a plus)
  • 10+ years of experience in at least two of the following fields within real estate: Development, facilities management, finance, portfolio management, leasing/brokerage, design practice, urban design, construction management

Education and Experience

  • Graduate degree(s) in technical or management fields
  • 15–20 years’ work experience with heavy emphasis on project-based environments including project development, consulting, or professional services
  • Strong outreach capability: Speaking and writing to business and donor audiences
  • Proven selling capabilities to investors, companies, donors and decision- makers
  • A strong creative streak: proven ability to find new and impactful approaches, influence others’ thinking, and demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership
  • Ability and interest in working with colleagues across a broad range of energy-related topics including the electricity system, solar power, transportation system design, and corporate sustainability strategy

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to rmi@sixdegreepeople.com.

RMI is an equal opportunity employer.

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