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Colombia Islands Energy

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The San Andrés Archipelago is 100-percent diesel powered, making the island dependent on other countries for power while being greatly vulnerable to the world oil markets and weather disruptions. Though the government subsidizes electric bills, electricity costs are still very high. The use of diesel fuel to power electricity on the island is toxic, pollutes the ocean, and destroys the island’s air quality. 


Renewables and energy efficiency provide a path to a cleaner and healthier future. Utilizing the abundant sun and wind, adopting energy efficiency practices, and setting a community energy vision can accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources. Renewable and energy efficiency solutions CAN be adopted, but first the community needs to unite and set an energy vision for San Andrés.


That’s where we come in. EEDAS, CORALINA, SENA, and RMI-CWR are bringing together the community, key energy stakeholders like the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the San AndreĢs government, the National Planning Department, and technical experts to help establish an energy process. 


To get involved, contact any of the organizations listed in the right panel or sign up to join the email list. By attending events and spreading the word, you are helping!



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