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eLab Accelerator: Teams

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Accelerator 2015 brings together projects focused on the following themes:

  • New Business Models: New utility business models, electricity pricing structures, and regulatory reform efforts focused on distributed energy resource (DER) issues
  • Energy Innovation Districts: Demonstration projects, microgrids, downtown clean energy zones, and other localized projects to integrate and test innovative DER solutions
  • New Customer Solutions: Customer engagement programs, innovative financing, strategies for low-income populations, or other initiatives to support clean DER adoption by customers

Accelerator teams comprise 4–6 people representing multiple project stakeholders and partners. Successful teams bring together the right combination of vision, experience, knowledge, and commitment to a project that can accelerate change on the electricity system. A team’s project must be actively under development, although it may range from an idea just being nucleated to a project well under way.

For  information on the 2015 teams, please click on the links below. For examples of past eLab Accelerator teams, see the 2014 Accelerator teams pages.


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