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Jennifer DeCesaro, Acting Director, DOE Technology-to-Market Program

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Jennifer DeCesaro serves as the Acting Director of the Technology-to-Market Program in the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In this capacity, she works across EERE to identify and address challenges related to the commercialization and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies as well as looking at how to educate and develop a supporting workforce. Prior to her current role, Jennifer served as a Special Advisor for Renewable Energy and Transmission in the office of the Secretary of Energy and as the Market Transformation lead for the DOE's SunShot Initiative. In this capacity, she directed a broad portfolio of activities at the local, state and utility levels to reduce PV system costs and eliminate barriers to solar market development, including the Rooftop Solar Challenge.

Prior to joining the DOE, Jennifer was a senior analyst at Exeter Associates, where she worked on transmission policy and issues with integrating renewable energy onto the electric grid. She also has worked for the Clean Energy States Alliance working with states on establishing clean energy funds and their associated programs; the National Conference of State Legislatures working with states on clean energy and climate change policy, and as an environmental consultant in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Biology from Colorado College and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law from the Vermont Law School.

Experience at the Distribution Edge

I work at the intersection of government (local, state, federal), utilities, and the private sector (entrepreneurs, investors, technology developers) to identify and remove market barriers with the end goal of increasing the role of clean energy technologies in the nation’s energy systems.

Notable Project Experience and Areas of Content Expertise

One notable development is the transformational conversation around the role of “soft costs” in driving the creation of new and growth of existing solar markets. This shift in focus from hardware costs to those associated with acquiring customers, permitting projects, interconnection, and project finance resulted in innovative approaches by governments, utilities, and the private sector to truly scale the solar market.

Describe what you want to offer teams trying to Accelerate their projects

I have had the unique opportunity to work across government (state and federal) and with a diverse set of stakeholders from utilities to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and philanthropists to technology developers to gain an in-depth understanding of their motivations as well as their roadblocks to moving clean energy technologies into the marketplace. I look forward to sharing this knowledge and experience and working with the Accelerator teams.

What personally motivates you to work on issues at the Distribution Edge?

Having lived in a place where people had to choose between paying their electric bill and buying food or medicine, empowering individuals and communities to own their energy reality is absolutely critical. This can only be done by making technologies accessible, affordable, and reliable.

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