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Karl Rabago, Principal, Rabago Energy

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Karl has more than 25 years of experience in the electric utility industry across the country and around the world. Karl has been a public utility commissioner, a federal executive at the US Department of Energy, a utility executive, a researcher, an advocate, and a member of the RMI team. He is widely known as a thought leader and innovator in electricity regulation, markets, and technology.

Experience at the Distribution Edge

Most of Karl’s experience has been in working with issues at the distribution edge. He is one of the few people in the world to have held a title of vice president of distributed energy services at a major municipal utility. He was a co-author of RMI’s book “Small Is Profitable,” and he is the inventor of the “Value of Solar” tariff for distributed solar.

At Austin Energy, Karl developed and managed rates and programs for distributed solar, municipal solar, public electric vehicle charging, low-income weatherization, commercial and residential energy efficiency and demand response, the building energy code, key utility accounts, climate protection, minority contracting, technology RD&D, ratemaking, tariff development, and others.

Karl leads the prestigious Pace University Law School Energy and Climate Center in White Plains, New York, where his team is actively involved in the NY “REV” proceeding and regional distributed energy resource policy and development, and an active public interest intervenor in major utility rate cases. Pace also leads two regional US Department of Energy projects, in combined heat and power and solar energy policy.

Describe what you want to offer teams trying to Accelerate their projects:

  • Systems thinking
  • Strategic project design
  • Regulatory issues and solutions
  • Flexible execution
  • Distributed solutions

What personally motivates you to work on issues at the Distribution Edge?

Huge opportunity for improved economic and technical efficiency, customer empowerment, innovation, and addition of value through improved delivery of a wider menu of energy services. Searching for innovative ways to ensure equitable access to sustainable energy for all customers.

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