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Read all the latest blogs from RMI and industry experts on the Electricity Innovation Lab initiative.

Pursuing Net Zero In Fort Collins, May 13, 2013—More

The Calm Before the Solar Storm, May 2, 2013—More

eLab's Diverse Stakeholders Are Critical For Success, March 1, 2013—More


Learn more about eLab by exploring our videos about why eLab is necessary to transforming our nation's electricity system.

eLab: The Pursuit of Net Zero in Fort Collins

eLab: Value of Distributed Resources

eLab: Diverse Stakeholders

eLab: Accelerating Innovation in the Electricity Sector

Accelerating Innovation






eLab: Setting the Course for a New Electricity Paradigm

Setting the course video thumb






eLab: Transforming the Electricity System

Players together video thumb

eLab: Accelerating Innovation at the Distribution Edge

Distribution edge video thumb

The UCSD Microgrid - Showing the Future of Electricity...Today

Microgrid Thumb