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Advanced Energy Efficiency and Alternative Supplies for Profitable Climate Protection course

Amory LovinsRMI Staff Speaking: Amory Lovins

Dates: December 7-9, 2012, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Description: Half of America’s oil and gas and three-quarters of its electricity can be saved more cheaply than supplying them from existing facilities. Dramatic advances in efficiency technologies, ways to combine and integrate them, and ways to market and implement them are synergistic with parallel revolutions in low- or no-carbon energy supplies. All are rapidly expanding. For example, “micropower” (cogeneration plus distributed renewables) already provides a sixth of the world’s electricity and greater than two-thirds of its new electricity.

Together, efficiency and alternative supplies offer profitable, business-led solutions to such problems as climate change, oil dependence, and nuclear proliferation. Drawing on three decades of practical experience at the forefront of the energy transition and on his pathfinding March 2007 lectures as MAP/Ming Professor at Stanford University, Amory Lovins will lead an integrative, wide-ranging, state-of-the-art exploration of energy technologies, design and business innovations, implementation, and implications for a cooler, richer, fairer, and safer world.

This transdisciplinary workshop will be most useful to intermediate and advanced practitioners, executives, activists, and concerned citizens, and will emphasize opportunities and needs in the private sector, chiefly in oil (www.oilendgame.com) and electricity (www.rmi.org, Library). The latest insights from Reinventing Fire (www.reinventingfire.com) will be discussed.

Recommended reading: Lovins, Datta et. al, Winning the Oil Endgame; Lovins, Small is Profitable; Hawken, Lovins & Lovins, Natural Capitalism; Lovins & Burns (ed.) The Essential Amory Lovins; Lovins & Rocky Mountain Institute, Reinventing Fire.

Website: http://www.esalen.org/workshop/11455

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