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The Islands Energy Program delivers its’ impact through three mutually reinforcing program pillars—energy transition planning, project development and implementation, and learning exchange and capacity building.

Energy Transition Planning

Four island nations and one island province have committed to ambitious energy transition goals:

  • Aruba (100% by 2020)
  • Montserrat (100% by 2018)
  • San Andres, Colombia (vision to be established in 2016)
  • Saint Lucia (35% by 2020)
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (80% by 2018)

Project Development & Implementation

The projects listed below are either under construction, under procurement or planned to be tendered in coming months:

  • Aruba: 7.5 MW Solar PV
  • Anguilla: 1 MW Solar PV
  • Bahamas: 1 MW Distributed Solar/Energy Efficiency for government buildings
  • Bahamas: 17 MW Solar for Family Islands
  • Cayman Islands: 5 MW Solar PV
  • Montserrat: 250 kW Solar PV and 3 MW Geothermal
  • San Andres, Colombia: 12 MW Wind Farm
  • San Andres, Colombia: Hospital Energy Efficiency and 300 kW Rooftop Solar PV
  • San Andres, Colombia: LED Street Lighting Retrofit
  • Saint Lucia: 3 MW Solar PV and Government House 10 kW Solar PV system
  • Seychelles: 4 MW Solar PV
  • Turks & Caicos: 1 MW Solar PV

Learning Exchange & Capacity Building

In 2015, the Islands Energy Program partnered with the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) to build and launch a virtual community that connects utility engineers to energy best practices. Join the CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC), if you are interested in collaborating. Check out this one-pager for more information.  

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