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New York City, New York

In 2007, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the PlaNYC initiative to create a 2030 vision for the city and an agenda of objectives to prepare for population growth, foster economic growth and reduce carbon emissions.

The city’s transportation emissions reduction goals are prioritized around reducing the need for and use of passenger vehicles, through transit, walkability and access to bicycle lanes. However, electric vehicles will play an important role in the city’s plan.

Powered on New York City’s grid, electric vehicles are estimated to emit .55lbs of CO2 per mile, less than nearly all other vehicles. In an effort to reduce the carbon intensity of its fleet, the city is currently procuring pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

New York is making strides toward integrating electrification into their 26,000-vehicle fleet. In addition, the city is launching a pilot to study the performance of electric taxis.

  • NYC recently purchased 70 Plug-Ins: 50 Chevy Volts, 10 Ford Transit Connects, and 10 Navistar electric trucks.
  • The new purchases bring the entire electric fleet to 430 vehicles, which include neighborhood electric vehicles and scooters.
  • 6 Nissan Leafs will be incorporated into the city’s taxi fleet.

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Please visit www.nyc.gov/html/ev/html/society/society.shtml

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