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Portland, Oregon

The Portland region has been electrifying its transportation system since the 1980s when light rail trains were introduced, and, more recently, when modern electric streetcars were reintroduced in 2001. Major projects now underway will expand both the light rail system (2015) and the streetcar system (2012). In 2006, an electric-powered aerial tram was built by the City of Portland to connect the OHSU medical complex on Marquam Hill to its growing base of operations in the South Waterfront Development. All of these pieces are linked together and provide connections to Portland International Airport and Union Station, the train terminal.

With a range of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles now coming to market, local leaders made the choice not simply to react to their arrival, but to make the Portland region and Oregon a leading launch market for EVs. Their goals were several fold: To understand and document how these new generation EVs worked; how well they fit with our climate, terrain, and built environment; their appeal to our environmentally-conscious citizens; and, if they served the region’s long-range interests in urban planning, personal and freight mobility, sustainability, economic development, public health, and quality of life.

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