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Residential Energy+

Residential Energy+ is a Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) initiative enabling industry actors to capture the $150 billion residential energy upgrades market opportunity, and meet the top unmet demand among homeowners: improved home energy performance.

Residential buildings represent about one-fifth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, with a reduction potential of over 300 million metric tons annually. Despite progress and significant efforts by multiple industry actors, the diffuse residential efficiency market has not yet reached the scale necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change. RMI therefore seeks to motivate and empower homeowners across the United States to invest in home energy upgrades—through energy efficiency and renewable energy—as part of property renovations.

You Can Help Finance The Future

Home energy upgrades can disproportionately benefit very low-, low-, and moderate-income 
homeowners, ensuring their improved physical and financial health as well as improved stability 
in the broader financial markets. This paper explores the financial benefits of home energy 
upgrades and seeks to identify opportunities—such as the Federal Housing Finance Authority’s 
Duty to Serve rule—to link greater market access and transparency around home energy 
performance with improved financial health for homeowners and mortgage markets overall.
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Until March 17, 2016, the FHFA is accepting public comment on its Duty to Serve ruling. This is a prime opportunity to shape mortgage underwriting requirements in a way that both enhances Americans' quality of life and supports an energy transformation all while improving the overall stability of our financial markets. RMI's memo includes tips for industry representatives to submit comments and feedback that address specific questions from the FHFA, and instructions on comment submission. 
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Residential Energy+ will scale home energy upgrades by stimulating consumer demand and increasing the supply of third-party solutions that are appealing to consumers. RMI will accomplish this by collaborating with industry players on three reinforcing strategic areas:

  1. Increasing consumer demand for home energy upgrades by leveraging existing consumer channels to increase the visibility and popularity of energy upgrades
  2. Increasing transparency around home energy performance to inform that demand and impact home valuation
  3. Expanding resource availability to ensure consumers have convenient access to the financing and service providers necessary to enact home energy upgrades


Residential Energy+ will facilitate innovative partnerships among diverse industry actors around these three strategic areas in order to both unlock the U.S. energy upgrades market and support the core goals of partner organizations.

Partnerships will provide homeowners with the desire, information, and means to invest in energy upgrades by integrating energy upgrades into mainstream consumer channels, putting a home energy performance metric into consumers’ hands, and bundling solutions to make it as easy as possible to buy home energy upgrades.

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