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Built Environment: Deep Energy Retrofit Training

As an active member of the project design team, RMI serves as a catalyst for innovation to push beyond business-as-usual to the next generation of buildings; we invite you to find out more about our Deep Energy Retrofit Training modules below.

Find out more about our successes in the past, how we can help you today, and about our other training classes and seminars offered in Building Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Costs.


Deep energy retrofits of buildings can provide dramatic operating cost savings and significant value improvements when building owners and service providers understand why, when, and how to deploy them. Based on our experience in deep retrofit projects such as the Empire State Building retrofit, RMI offers an educational workshop to help participants understand the key strategies involved in executing a cost-effective deep energy retrofit.

This workshop will explain fundamental concepts including:

  • Integrative Design - Understand how different building systems interact to reap the largest savings
  • Right-timing - Understand when buildings are “ripe” for deep retrofit
  • Tunneling Through the Cost Barrier - In some instances, targeting deeper savings can actually help eliminate significant costs
  • Technical Potential - Set aggressive goals based on understanding what is technically possible
  • Developing a Basecase - Evaluate the true costs of business-as usual
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis - Understand the long-term costs and savings from efficiency beyond simple payback calculations

Step-by-Step Deep Retrofit Process

This workshop will guide the participants through a step-by-step deep retrofit process, highlighting success factors and case studies for each of the four main phases of a deep retrofit:

  • Launch Phase - goal setting, selecting the team and aligning incentives, benchmarking, and baselining
  • Design Phase - identifying opportunities, analyzing integrated measures with life cycle cost analysis, engaging occupants and tenants, and telling a compelling story
  • Implementation Phase - construction and commissioning
  • Verification Phase - performing measurement and verification activities to confirm and improve actual building performance, and sharing successes

RMI often targets greater than 50% energy cost savings from current operating conditions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key concepts behind deep energy retrofits
  • Identify attributes that indicate "ripe" building candidates for a deep retrofit
  • Understand (and replicate) the deep energy retrofit process
  • Understand when and why a project team should engage in a deep retrofit process

Length of Workshop

The Deep Energy Retrofit Training Workshop is available either as a half day or full day, depending on your needs and requirements.


Contact us to inquire about working with RMI on its RetroFit initiative or to speak to an expert about our work.

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