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Built Environment: Energy Modeling Training for Deep Retrofits

As an active member of the project design team, RMI serves as a catalyst for innovation to push beyond business-as-usual to the next generation of buildings; we invite you to find out more about our Building Energy Modeling Training modules below.

Find out more about our successes in the past, how we can help you today, and about our other training classes and seminars offered in Deep Energy Retrofits and Life Cycle Costs.


Energy savings implemented through deep retrofits can lead to significant profit and the achievement of sustainability or demand reduction goals. Building energy modeling is a key component to successfully analyzing the value of deep retrofits and comparing life cycle costs.

As a longstanding leader in the energy modeling community, RMI has a wealth of knowledge to quickly produce accurate and informative building energy models. RMI offers to share this knowledge in the form of a workshop that teaches participants how Building Energy Modeling (BEM) can support energy-efficient design and deep retrofits. This workshop provides the framework for organizations to develop in-house skills to evaluate integrated retrofit design solutions, use modeling to inform and influence design decisions, and compare efficiency investments through life cycle cost analysis.

Led by RMI’s energy modeling experts, this training can be tailored to best address the needs of your organization. Beyond covering the basics of how energy modeling can effectively support a deep retrofit process, additional topics include:

  • Choosing the appropriate software tools for various applications
  • Calibrating an energy model to actual energy consumption data
  • Understanding the role of BEM in supporting measurement and verification efforts and other ratings such as LEED certification
  • Utilizing time-saving techniques using the eQUEST software (such as global parameters and keyword expressions)
  • Applying best practices for quality control in the BEM process

Free Modeling Software: Training

The workshop will also provide training for some recently released free modeling software that RMI has jointly created including:

  • Model Manager - a batch processing tool that streamlines the parametric analysis process
  • Energy Model Input Translator (EMIT) - a compilation of spreadsheet-based calculators translating design data and code requirements into energy model inputs.
  • LCCAid - an Excel tool designed to streamline the life cycle cost analysis process
  • Elements - an application that supports weather tasks necessary for building energy modeling

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an overview of how BEM can support and enable energy efficiency retrofits
  • Establish the framework to develop in-house energy modeling capabilities
  • Prepare professionals to perform energy modeling quickly and confidently
  • Establish best practices for modeling, including quality control and LCCA techniques

Length of Workshop

The Deep Energy Retrofit Energy Modeling Training Workshop is available either as a Basic Material overview (with a 2 hour minimum), or as a more in-depth one- to two-day workshop tailored to your needs. We highly recommend the more in-depth workshop to get the most out of the training. Additional topics are available upon request


Contact us to inquire about working with RMI on its RetroFit initiative or to speak to an expert about our work.

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