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Built Environment: Partnership Opportunity

As an active member of the project design team, RMI serves as a catalyst for innovation to push beyond business-as-usual to the next generation of buildings; we invite you to explore how you can partner with us below.

Find out more about our successes in the past, and about our training classes and seminars offered in Deep Energy Retrofits, Building Energy Modeling and in Life Cycle Costs.

What Will RMI Partners Gain?

  • Improved branding and market positioning, by aligning with a well-respected, mission-driven organization such as RMI.
  • Reduced project risks when piloting new solutions in integrative design and deep energy retrofits through RMI’s project experience and technical skills.
  • Differentiation through cutting edge development of sustainable solutions. As your innovation partner, RMI will drive dynamic entrepreneurial practices, technical expertise, and holistic sustainable consulting.
  • Access to RMI’s data, case studies, research, and training offerings. RMI offers training on core skills such as the deep retrofit process, energy modeling, and life cycle cost analysis.
  • Enhanced stakeholder buy-in and cultural gains through participation and pride in leading edge projects.

What Will RMI Gain?

  • Help driving market transformation: Partners will share data, and insights into the industry, and provide opportunities for proof of concept of RMI’s hypotheses.
  • The ability to impact a greater number of buildings: As a small non-profit, we leverage working with partners who directly impact far more building space than we could alone.
  • Opportunities for cross-functional efforts: Partners can utilize and promote RMI’s ability to comprehensively address issues in buildings, transportation, energy supply and industry.
  • Increased exposure and replication of best practices: This is most successful when our partners personally spread the word of their successes.
  • Staff Development: RMI’s staff is our greatest asset and we encourage programs and exchanges to broaden their expertise.

What Does an RMI Partnership Involve?

  • Partnering on projects to drive deep energy savings and new best practices and processes in the market
  • Co-authoring articles, white papers, blogs, and other written material to jointly address industry concerns and overcome market barriers
  • Instituting staff ‘externships’ to exchange best practices and ideas.
  • Jointly documenting a partnership project, highlighting the integrative design process from inception through implementation (potentially in the form of a video and/or articles about successes and challenges)
  • Sharing and aggregating targeted industry statistics to quantify the benefits of deep retrofits (i.e. energy use reductions, productivity increases, market expansion, portfolio scale applications, etc)


Download the RMI Retrofit Consulting Services Information Packet


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