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Deep Energy RetroFit 101

A deep energy retrofit is a whole-building analysis and construction process that achieves much larger energy cost savings—sometimes more than 50% reduction—than those of simpler energy retrofits and fundamentally enhances the building value. Deep energy retrofits create deep energy savings but not always at once—measures can be implemented over several years.


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  • How is it Different?

    Most energy retrofit approaches are considered "simple" or “light” because they focus only on upgrading lighting equipment and adding new motors to the heating and cooling systems. This leaves out bigger savings stemming from deeper measures. LEARN MORE »

  • Building the Case

    Owners, investors, and occupants build the case for deep energy retrofits differently, depending on their unique circumstances. LEARN MORE »

  • Specifying Triggers

    A critical step in planning a deep energy retrofit is determining the ideal situations for performing a whole-building analysis. LEARN MORE »

  • Taking the Next Step

    After you’ve tried building the case for a deep energy retrofit, what do you do next? Check out our recommendations. LEARN MORE »