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Building the Case

Owners, investors, and occupants build the case for deep energy retrofits differently, depending on their unique circumstances. Owner-occupants of larger properties usually have more resources to conduct a comprehensive building analysis and therefore a greater ability to derive benefits from efficiency investments compared to smaller property owners and occupants.

Likewise, occupants enjoy the direct benefits of a sustainable property, while the benefits to investors have been limited by traditional leases, holding periods, and an inability to easily have tenants pay for the benefits they receive.

However, if you consider all the types of value that deep energy retrofits can deliver for each party, a deep energy retrofit can make sense for everyone.

A key part of building the case for a deep energy retrofit is targeting a building and doing the analysis at the appropriate time and under the appropriate circumstances. Using deep energy retrofit triggers can significantly improve both the economics and convenience of energy improvements.

In some cases, deep energy retrofits may add little to no cost to business-as-usual operations and capital requirements. In other cases, when the organization has a dearth of freely available capital, owners will need to secure financing.

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