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How is it Different?

Most energy retrofit approaches are considered "simple" or “light” because they focus only on upgrading lighting equipment and adding new motors to the heating and cooling systems. This leaves out bigger savings stemming from deeper measures like new windows, which can reduce heating and cooling loads to the point where big-dollar equipment can be reduced in size and cost. Such interventions are typically not considered because of high up-front cost and perceived higher risk.

Those implementing a deep energy retrofit consider all major capital needed in the building over the next several years and plan interventions to this business-as-usual scenario to create higher efficiencies and other benefits. Upgrades can occur all at once or phased over several years, depending on your budget or financing mechanism. A deep energy retrofit can meet all business-as-usual objectives in addition to many other benefits—many more than a simple energy retrofit.

Potential Value Delivered

Energy Retrofit Approach

Meet all business-as-usual objectives
Reduction in Costs
Revenue Growth
Improved Reputation and Leadership
Compliance with Internal and External Policies or Initiatives

Reduced Risk to Future Earnings Deep

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