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Built Environment: RetroFit Consulting Services

As an active member of the project design team, RMI serves as a catalyst for innovation to push beyond business-as-usual to the next generation of buildings; those that are healthier to occupy, cheaper to operate and offer overall higher value. Constraints become a framework for inspiration, solutions are for sharing, and outcomes are ready for amplification.

Find out more about our successes in the past, how we can help you today, and about our training classes and seminars offered in Deep Energy Retrofits, Building Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Costs.

Why Go Deep?

Deep energy retrofits can yield significant energy savings and value improvements when building owners and service providers understand why, when, and how to deploy them. Deep retrofits provide larger energy savings with attractive returns through integrative design, right-timing, bundled energy efficiency measures and designing for avoided capital costs. RMI often targets >50% energy use reduction compared to current energy use as a starting point.

Further, innovative deep energy retrofits provide a unique service offering for our technical partners and enhance public image for building owners, appealing to more progressive clientele.

Adding Value to Projects

As an entrepreneurial non-profit with 30 years of research and consulting experience, RMI’s mission is to drive the profitable transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. In commercial buildings, this means cutting energy use in half. Through our Reinventing Fire effort (creating a roadmap to get the US off coal and oil by 2050 using business-led solutions) and our RetroFit Initiative (accelerating deep energy retrofits of commercial buildings), RMI is uniquely positioned to help make this happen.

Our integrative, whole-system approach to sustainable design has made RMI a highly respected international leader in the energy and resource conservation community—providing us with unparalleled opportunities that form the backbone of our research and education efforts. Our unique blend of research and collaborative client projects enables us to work with you on leading edge projects and than amplify those successes through further outreach and research.

Our Clients Gain:

  • Aggressive energy cost savings (we start with 50% reduction from current operating conditions as a base target)
  • Valuable technical analysis for making informed, cost-effective design decisions
  • Clear, ambitious, and achievable goals
  • A compelling story to share, creating positive public image
  • Identifying barriers and support to overcome them

RMI Services

RMI can work with you in a variety of capacities related to deep energy retrofits. This may include:

Direct Project Consulting

RMI will be a part of the team as an innovation champion, driving both design team and building ownership to aggressive energy goals. This service includes high level project support for goal setting and project creation (process driving) to technical support on auditing, energy modeling, bundling measures, LCCA and measurement and verification (M&V). Specific tasks may include:

  • Goal setting and consensus building
  • Support in energy audits targeted at integrative measures and baselining (capital, operating and OM&R expenses)
  • Theoretical Minimum charrette (reframing the opportunity)
  • Energy modeling and bundling integrated efficiency measures
  • Comprehensive life cycle cost analysis
  • Synthesizing the results and documenting and sharing the wins
  • Getting the word out through marketing and outreach efforts

Deep Retrofit Training
RMI offers custom training modules on topics critical to the success of a deep energy retrofit. Those include:

  • Deep Retrofits – the benefits, challenges, process, tools and case studies for deep retrofits
  • Building Energy Modeling (BEM) – Making energy modeling faster, more accurate and with more reliable results
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis –The benefits, important concepts, methods and tools for effectively performing LCCA within an integrative design.

These trainings are geared towards engineers, analysts and building owners, however, these modules are easily customized to better align with different audiences, base levels of experience and course durations.

Owners Representative
As a third party, vendor neutral, mission driven contributor, RMI offers to act as an owners representative to help identify and ensure the greatest possible efficiency is achieved cost effectively. This could include assisting with high-level sustainability objectives and targets, technical oversight design and design review or moderating technical or consensus building sessions.

Download the RMI Retrofit Consulting Services Information Packet


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