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Building Energy Modeling Innovation Summit

March 10-11, 2011
Boulder, Colorado

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Developed in partnership with ASHRAE, IBPSA-USA, the USGBC and IMT, the Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Innovation Summit is the first step in creating a roadmap that will provide leadership, guidance and a clear path for the industry’s future.

This event convened invited representatives from the building energy modeling industry to collaborate and capitalize on the biggest opportunities for building energy modeling to support widespread solutions for low-energy buildings with reduced electric demand.

Why Now?

Kendra at BEM SummitThe need to identify best practices and deliver quality tools to perform in-depth performance analysis has never been greater.

Reliable and consistent whole-building energy and financial analysis is necessary to achieve increasingly aggressive performance targets in the buildings sector.

During the rapid growth of this industry, professional organizations, national labs, and even private consulting firms, have all made great contributions to the field of energy modeling. Still, there is a need for more collaboration among these various stakeholders, and many opportunities still exist to increase the effectiveness of modeling to support low energy building design and operations. In order to realize these opportunities, we need to address several issues within the industry, including:

1. Lack of Credibility:  Customers (of energy modeling services) and other stakeholders do not have confidence in energy modeling results, for the following reasons:

  • Lack of Quality: Energy modeling results may not reflect realistic building energy consumption and costs.
  • Lack of Reproducibility: Different practitioners do not produce the same energy modeling results, even when using the same tools and building characterization data.
  • Misguided Expectations: Customers do not have a clear understanding of what modeling can and should provide.
  • Difficulty in Assessing Skills: It is difficult for customers to assess the skill level of a practitioner.

2. Limited Time for Critical Thinking:  Currently, practitioners do not spend the majority of their time on critical thinking and informing design.

3. Need for More Experienced and Skilled Practitioners:  A limited number of energy modelers possess sufficient skills and experience.

4. Low Market Demand:  The demand for and value of energy modeling services could be much higher.

Attendee Representation

Approximately 55 invited attendees)

  • Software developers of simulation tools and Building Information Modeling (BIM) products
  • Expert building energy modeling practitioners and educators
  • Key representatives from the Department of Energy and national labs
  • Decision makers from professional and
    industry standards organizations

View the BEM Summit Attendee Vision Statements

Sponsorship Opportunities

To make innovative programs like the Summit available to the industry, we rely on the generous financial support of donors. Please consider supporting RMI today.

How Can I Get Involved?

Please visit this online form to indicate your interest in joining follow-up work efforts initiated at the Summit. More information can be found on each of these efforts in the Post Summit Reports and Pre-Proposals.

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