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Roy Torbert

Manager (Buildings)


Roy Torbert

Roy Torbert analyzes the cost, financing, value, and risk of integrated energy projects. Roy helps global companies and university campuses in their efforts to reach net-zero energy by looking for opportunities for deep energy retrofits. He assists a joint effort with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to forecast costs savings due to new solar financing business models. He leads RMI’s work to quantify the values beyond energy cost savings (VBECS) available through building energy efficiency.

He works on managing and optimizing partnerships with energy service companies, industry trade groups, and other non-profits. Other projects include developing internal software tools, and analyzing fossil fuel volatility.

Select RMI Projects

  • Net-Zero Analyses: Roy works with energy service companies (ESCOs) to assess net-zero energy opportunities, including deep energy retrofits of a variety of space types. Roy also works with college campuses to explore opportunities to reduce energy use, install new renewable energy, and support institutional goals.
  • Financing Solar and Energy Efficiency: Roy leads RMI’s efforts to investigate new financing solutions and products aimed at leveraging institutional capital to enact solar and/or deep energy retrofits. Roy assesses the current financing structure for residential and commercial solar installations, and searches for new financial models. Roy has contributed to local and national workshops, meetings, and presentations about innovative financial programs from a variety of organizations.
  • Reinventing Fire: Roy currently manages theongoing research, outreach, and translations of the book Reinventing Fire.


Roy's previous experience includes consulting, defense cooperation, and renewable energy. At Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C., Roy worked on software implementation and strategic management projects for the Army. He also implemented and managed a proprietary software system for a Department of Defense client. Roy also contributed to internal sustainability projects at Booz Allen, and supported the Energy and Environment team on a range of initiatives. In 2008, Roy interned with the US Mission to NATO in Brussels and was responsible for armaments cooperation issues. In 2007, Roy interned with G.E. Infrastructure in Dubai and worked on renewable energy, environmental regulations, and governmental policy. He has expertise collaborating with regulators, policymakers, and private industry in the United Arab Emirates and Belgium.


Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Business Finance, the College of William and Mary, summa cum laude

Selected Publications and Presentations