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RMI30: Celebrating Solutions

RMI30 LogoLit green against the New York skyline, the Empire State Building was a fabulous setting for RMI30 this May, where friends, supporters and special guests gathered with RMI staff to reflect on thirty years of solutions.

We would like to especially thank Anna Deavere Smith for her insightful introduction to the evening, where she likened U.S dependency on oil to that of slavery in pre-abolition U.S. 

Empire State BuildingA special thanks as well to Frank Sesno and Tony Malkin for their conversation with Amory Lovins about the transformational changes driven by RMI, including the deep retrofit of the Empire State Building. The program offered an opportunity to reflect on our dedicated work and to illustrate the goals we have yet to accomplish—-most notably to move the U.S. off oil and coal, and use a third less natural gas, by 2050.

Finally, we would like to thank our guests, hosts, and sponsors for celebrating this milestone and making it a success! We are grateful for the support that makes our work achievable so we can continue creating a world that is thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, for ever.

Event Highlights 


Photos from the Event 

RMI30 at the Empire State Building on May 10, 2012

Ned Harvey 

RMI 30  

 Lovins and Rose at RMI30

 Amory and the Post Code Lottey Representatives

RMI30 Board Members at Podium 
































































more pictures from the event on Facebook.

Thank You to Our Sponsors











RMI30 Sponsor QuotesCHAMPION                             



John and Mary Abele
Hunter and Stephanie Hunt


Sharman and David Altshuler
Peter Boyer and Terry Gamble Boyer
Dinwoodie - Meservey Family
Duke Energy
Dutch/Nationale Postcode Loterij
Suzanne Farver and Clint Van Zee
Arjun Gupta
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Reuben and Mindy Munger
June and Paul Schorr, III
Laney and Pasha Thornton


Adam and Rachel Albright
Arntz Family Foundation
Mary Caulkins and Karl Kister
Adam and Melony Lewis
Leslie and Mac McQuown
Deborah Reich and Frank Murphy
Repreve by Unifi
Suzanne and James Woolsey


John and Kathleen Buck
Kim Elliman
Jesse and Betsy Fink
Richard Kaplan and Edwina Sandys
Elaine and Rob LeBuhn


David and Patricia Allen
David Burns
Michael Fain and Judith Barnard
Julia Pershan Cohen and Jonathan Cohen
David and Shirley Ginzberg
Wade and Susanne Greene
Ferris and Molly Hamilton
John Hamilton
Sandy and Steven Hardie
Beth Hinnen and Tim Roorda
Kristina Johnson
Amory and Judy Hill Lovins
Ted Maynard and Robin Dahlberg
Dr. Robert Nagourney and Maxine Johnson
PG&E Corporation
Pella Architecture
Marty Pickett and Edgell Pyles
Michael and Gwenn Potts
Jonathan and Diana Rose
Ted and Nancy White


Joel Appel
Gregory A. Fowler and Julie B. Lovins
John Fox and Ginette Shank
Gotham Bar and Grill
Gerald D. Hines
Estee Lauder
Charles W. Lemke
Jimmy Mills
James and Silvia Newcomb
Corey Reardon
The Susan and Ford Schumann Foundation
The Schiff Foundation

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