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Solar thermal competitiveness with 2009 U.S. industrial natural gas prices

Solar thermal heating can deliver some of the process heating requirements for industry.

Given the high volatility of natural gas prices, pricing for solar thermal projects on a lifecycle cost of heat basis can be competitive with natural gas.


Total per-capita electricity use, 1960-2009

Since 1960, California has outpaced the rest of the nation in adopting energy efficiency. Policies, investments, and business leadership have kept per capita electricity consumption in California steady since 1980, while it almost doubled nationwide.


California investor-owned utility customers’ consumption and efficiency

States like California that have prioritized efficiency have achieved significant energy savings. Codes and standards have traditionally been the largest driver for efficiency in Californian residential and commercial buildings.


Assessment of natural gas heavy truck technology

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) hold great promise over the near and medium-term, especially for buses, medium duty vehicles, centrally fueled fleets, and even class 8 heavy trucks.


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