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Seeds of Change

Our targeted impacts in electricity, buildings, communities, and China form the core of RMI’s efforts, but they don’t stop there. To truly reinvent fire, we also must address transportation, industry, and product efficiency. That’s where seeds come in—a set of early-stage projects with high potential for impact. They are exploratory in nature, akin to venture capital investing. We expect some to fail, but we also anticipate some will be incredibly successful. 

Transforming Transportation: Vehicle Design and Use

To get the world off fossil fuels we must tackle oil, and for that, we need to transform transportation. To win the oil endgame, we plan to focus on the global auto industry and bring electrified and lightweight automobiles to a large production scale in both the U.S. and China. By 2025, we want to see 1 million cars with substantial carbon fiber parts in the U.S., and at least 5 million light, electrified mass-market city cars in China.

Making Islands Sustainable

In conjunction with the Carbon War Room, we plan to work with ten island nations to help them build resilient and sustainable energy systems, including taking one Caribbean island to 100 percent renewable energy within a decade. These islands will serve as templates of success impelling other islands to commit to transformation and engaging larger countries to act.

Accelerating Large Company Attainment of Renewable Energy

The commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors are responsible for about half of all primary energy use. We plan to accelerate the procurement of renewable energy by large C&I companies—especially Fortune 500 companies—by creating a renewables attainment resource center and scalable renewable supply solutions. Learn More.

Increasing Product Efficiency

The products that plug into our walls consume more than 40 percent of the electricity consumed in U.S. buildings. We plan to cut the consumption of those energy-consuming products by one-third in U.S. homes and offices, demonstrating the value proposition to retailers and providing consumers with desirable efficient products.

Factor Ten Engineering

Factor Ten Engineering (10xE) helps engineers, architects, and their clients apply RMI’s whole-system design principles to achieve radical energy and resource efficiency in manufacturing processes, buildings, and vehicles, often at lower cost. We intend to build this game changer into design pedagogy.

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