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Alumni Survey: Emeritus Board Member Supports Survey

By Jimmy Mills, Emeritus Board Member

The glowing tributes to RMI’s latest book, Reinventing Fire, from some of the world’s most prominent business and social leaders are well-deserved. It is, indeed, “a stunning work of enormous dimension,” as famed environmentalist and author Paul Hawken wrote.

The dust jacket accurately, and importantly, credits its authorship to both Amory B. Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute. The Institute was created nearly 30 years ago expressly to make works like this possible.

The content of Reinventing Fire is a distillate, the product of the combined brainpower and energies of some 300 of the brightest and best scholars from the finest universities in the world. Over the years, as interns and staff members under Amory’s thought leadership, inspiration and direction, they have done the research, checked the facts, corrected the errors, argued the merits, weighed the probabilities.

Most of these exceptional people are now alumni/ae, whom we have surveyed. Of those responding, a gratifying 95 percent are still engaged in activities designed to bring such a world closer to hand. We share some of the results of the survey with you below.

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We have sent a copy of the book to all those whose whereabouts we know in recognition of the fact that, in our view, it is a collaborative product and that somewhere within it lies the work of every RMIte, past or present, who has helped to build the intellectual strength, integrity, and accumulated wisdom and capacity of the organization that produced it.

This fresh opportunity to think about and thank again our old friends and associates may bear fruit beyond just sharing the satisfaction of a job especially well done. It has generated great interest at RMI in the possibility of developing new and similarly productive relationships, formal and informal, with our former colleagues and/or the organizations they now represent.

Their responses lead us to think that our excitement is justified. We can’t help but feel good, and proud, to have one hugely successful alumnus tell us that “the defining point in my career was joining RMI” and to want to find ways in which we might remain a part of his business career and he ours. We think that is bound to be true of a great many others and that together we might in some ways become better.

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