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Executive Leadership
Jules Kortenhorst Chief Executive Officer Boulder
Kathy Wight Executive Assistant Boulder
Amory B. Lovins Cofounder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus Snowmass
Amory Lovins Downloadable Bios
Clay Stranger Manager, Office of the Chief Scientist Snowmass
Titiaan Palazzi Special Aide, Office of the Chief Scientist Snowmass
Amy Westervelt Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Scientist Snowmass
Marty Pickett, JD Managing Director Snowmass
Richlyn Pavcek Executive Assistant Snowmass
Research and Collaboration
Maiyue Cheng Managing Director
Jon Creyts, Ph.D. Managing Director Snowmass
Stephen Doig, Ph.D. Managing Director Boulder
Callie Sasser Executive Assistant Boulder
James Newcomb Managing Director Boulder
Debbie Giallombardo Executive Assistant Boulder
Curtis Probst Managing Director New York City
Hervé Touati Managing Director Boulder
Jerry Weiland Managing Director Boulder
Jill Harley Executive Assistant Boulder
Karen Crofton Principal (Industry) Boulder
Lily Donge Principal (Business Renewables Center) Washington, D.C.
Ellen Franconi, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Boulder
Lena Hansen Principal (Electricity) Boulder
Nushin Kormi Principal (Buildings) Washington, D.C.
Virginia Lacy Principal Boulder
James Mandel, Ph.D. Principal Snowmass
Victor Olgyay, AIA Principal (Buildings) Boulder
Owen Smith Principal Boulder
Josh Agenbroad Manager (Industry and Transportation) Boulder
Mathias Bell Manager (Electricity) Boulder
Cara Carmichael Manager (Buildings) Boulder
Coreina Chan Manager (Buildings) Boulder
Matthew Crosby Manager (Electricity) Boulder
Erik G. Fowler Manager Boulder
Leia Guccione Manager (Electricity & Industry) Boulder
Michael Kinsley Manager (Communities & Campuses) Snowmass
Jesse Morris Manager (Transportation and Electricity) Snowmass
Greg Rucks Manager (Transportation and Industry) Snowmass
Roy Torbert Manager (Buildings) Boulder
Eric Wanless Manager (Industry & Electricity) Snowmass
Stephen Abbott Sr. Associate (Industry and Electricity) Boulder
Michael Bendewald Sr. Associate (Buildings) Boulder
Koben Calhoun Sr. Associate (Buildings) Boulder
Aman Chitkara Sr. Associate (Electricity) Boulder
Mark Dyson Sr. Associate Boulder
Martha Campbell Sr. Associate (Communities) Snowmass
Dan Cross-Call Sr. Associate (Electricity) Boulder
Lynn Daniels Sr. Associate Boulder
Kate Hawley Sr. Associate Snowmass
Claire Henly Sr. Associate Boulder
Ian Kelly Sr. Associate (Electricity) Boulder
Edward J. Klock-McCook Sr. Associate (Transportation) Boulder
Phil Keuhn Sr. Associate (Buildings) Boulder
Matt Lehrman Sr. Associate Boulder
Jason Meyer Sr. Associate Boulder
Chris McClurg Sr. Associate (Buildings) Boulder
James Sherwood Sr. Associate (Electricity) Boulder
Jonathan Walker Sr. Associate Boulder
Kevin Brehm Associate Boulder
Brett Bridgeland Associate Boulder
Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D. Associate Boulder
Kelly Carlin Associate Boulder
Kendall Ernst Associate Boulder
Courtney Fairbrother Associate Boulder
Garrett Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Associate Snowmass
Devi Glick Associate (Electricity) Snowmass
Matt Jungclaus Associate Boulder
Yi Ke Associate Boulder
Robert McIntosh Associate (Transportation) Snowmass
Douglas Miller Associate Boulder
Dave Mullaney Associate Snowmass
Christa Owens Associate Boulder
Bodhi Rader Associate (Electricity) Boulder
Sam Ramirez Associate Boulder
Craig Schiller Associate (Buildings) Boulder
Dan Wetzel Associate Snowmass
Hayes Zirnhelt Associate (Buildings) Boulder
Samantha Spiwak eLab Operations Specialist Boulder
Chelsea Leber Business Operations Assistant Boulder
Brendan Thompson Knowledge Manager and Research Librarian Boulder
Brad Mushovic Managing Director Boulder
Peter Bronski Editorial Director Boulder
Kirsten Carlson PR Coordinator Boulder
Laurie Guevara-Stone Writer/Editor Snowmass
Chris Rowe Designer Boulder
Romy Purshouse Art Director Boulder
Martin Walaszek Digital Marketing Manager Boulder
Ned L. Harvey Managing Director Boulder
Amy Baum Executive Assistant Boulder
Julie Levine Development Director Boulder
Jodi Hubble Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations Boulder
Betsy After Foundations & Grants Officer Snowmass
Megan Shean Director, National Solutions Council Snowmass
Matthew Ritter Development Coordinator Boulder
Ginny Yang Senior Development Associate Snowmass
Ed McCullough Controller, Finance and Operations Boulder
Ruthanne Elkins Accountant Boulder
Beth Mark Accountant Boulder
Frances Woolley Accountant Snowmass
Human Resources
Carol Nasta Managing Director Boulder
Amy Dick Manager of HR Administration/Recruiting Boulder
Emily McMahon HR Assistant Boulder
Information Systems
Christopher Berry Director of IT Boulder
Betsy Leach IT Analyst Snowmass
Adjunct Staff
Robert Hutchinson Senior Fellow Boulder
Scott Muldavin, CRE, FRICS Senior Fellow
Michael Totten Senior Fellow
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