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Stand with us to prevent climate change

Stand with us to make one billion square feet of commercial building dramatically more efficient! Stand with us to grow the U.S. commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings efficiency market from less than $10 billion to $25 billion per year! We will not prevent climate catastrophe if America’s commercial buildings continue to consume dirty fossil fuels at today’s rates. Standing together, we can slow this process.

Together, we can transform the commercial building sector.

Existing buildings are responsible for 72% of U.S. electricity use. They are the best starting point for saving vast amounts of energy and money! With your help, by 2025 RMI will save the equivalent of burning 360 million tons of coal by making one billion square feet of commercial building space 35 percent more efficient. We will grow the U.S. buildings efficiency markets from less than $10 billion to $25 billion per year by stimulating private investment in energy retrofits and ensuring capital is widely available and easy to obtain.

RMI has a 30-year history and proven track record in working with building owners to wring dramatic energy savings out of individual buildings. When others got 8% improvement we got 40% and more. And we’ve shown the industry how to do it! Together we’ve proven that making individual big buildings cleaner is an effective way to cut energy costs and dirty carbon emissions.

It's time to scale the idea! One billion square feet is ambitious, but we know that by retrofitting buildings owned by large portfolio owners like major corporations, cities, and the U.S. government, we will achieve that goal. And we know that the rest of the market will follow our lead.

This bold effort requires bold supporters. It requires financial support from people like you who understand that retrofitting the commercial building sector will ensure a cleaner, safer, and prosperous energy future for generations to come.

Stand with us and be part of this transformation - Donate Today!