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Superefficient Buildings

Deep energy retrofits achieve bigger energy savings and other benefits at equal or lower cost, driving much larger savings (more than 50%), than conventional, shallow retrofits

Who would have thought retrofitting the 6,514 operable windows of the Empire State building for energy efficiency, onsite on the 5th floor, would be time- or cost-effective? But it was.

Retrofitting existing commercial buildings for energy efficiency is one of the greatest opportunities facing the building industry. If our existing buildings in the U.S. were a nation, its energy consumption would rank third after China and the U.S. More than a trillion dollars is currently flowing out of our buildings in the form of wasted energy.

Eighty percent of the today’s commercial square footage will be standing and operating in 2030. We estimate a conservative $1.4 trillion dollar value to be gained over the next 40 years from intervening with deep energy retrofits using whole systems design.

Here are some of the ways we are currently working to retrofit America’s building stock:

GSA Retrofits

Learn about how RMI is working with the General Services Administration (GSA) to address barriers and capture opportunities that accelerate investments in deep energy retrofits.
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Client Based Consulting

As an active member of the project design team, RMI serves as a catalyst for innovation to push beyond business-as-usual to the next generation of buildings; we invite you to explore how you can partner with us below.
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RetroFit Resources

Learn more about the benefits and ways to implement deep energy retrofits on the RetroFit Depot, your premier resource for deep energy retrofits.
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